About Us

                        So your considering letting us work with you to make your event a great success. It may seem a little arrogant of me but I have to say that when you are striving to hold the best event possible then you must use the best resources available, and that I believe is where my families’ attractions are necessary. I am available prior to your event for any free advice or help with any aspect that you may be unsure on, by sharing my lifetime experience in the amusement industry.

Upon booking our attractions prior to our set-up you will be given all necessary documentation for our operations, our trained professional staff, and at all times, a family member will be in attendance  on the day of the event, all staff will be in uniform and are trained in basic first aid.

What you can expect is a high degree of professionalism, a guaranteed return in any profit share agreement , and competitive price to hire out our attractions. I invite you to ask about our multiple attraction package deals.

So I look forward to your enquiry and prematurely congratulate you for choosing the best South Australia has to offer, as we are proud winners of the 2007 SA tourism commissions’ 1st prize.